Théâtre en Anglais

On Friday 18th March we attended an English play at the CNDB.  The theatre company (ETC) consisting of  3 actors, all native speakers, presented us a play starring a volunteer.  The volunteer had to put on a wig and to explain what her best date consists of : the best place, the best music, and the best film.  It was funny and interesting.  The play dealt with our everyday life : troubles and events of a teenager’s life.

At the end we could have a chat with the actors and ask them questions, in English as they don’t know a single French word !

Here are a few of our comments :

I had a lot of fun !  They were really good actors

Sometimes embarrassing but funny.

It was great : the story was easy to follow and wasn’t boring at all.  I get myself entertained!

Funny : the jokes were great.

I found it a bit long but I really enjoyed some parts. Especially when a volunteer came on the stage.